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Ultimate Tel Aviv Hummus Experience

One of my favorite places in Tel Aviv is the Carmel Market. On some Thursdays if I get out of work early (that's when the weekend starts here) I like to go to Shuk Hacarmel and take my time going from produce vendor to produce vendor, picking out the vegetables and fruit that look best for a tasty cookathon. It's a great way to eat what is in season, and the prices are cheaper than elsewhere, though not by much (Tel Aviv is expensive!).

But my favorite time to visit the market is on late Friday mornings, when the vibe changes and is less about grandmas doing their shopping for shabbat and more about Tel Avivians meeting their friends for beer and street food kinda vibe. There's happy music thumping from casual sit-downs and stores selling anything from cheap gym shorts to gourmet Asian cooking products. The narrow lanes are filled with tourists buying trinkets and locals heading to their favorite spots: there's falafel, Mexican food, Colombian arepas, every iteration of Israeli food stall and, a couple of streets away from the main chaos, my most favorite hummus place: Shlomo and Doron.

But there's a secret to eating at the Carmel Market, and it's a bakery a few steps away making a Yemenite bread I recently discovered: Lachuch. Part pita, part pancake, all goodness, this bread does to hummus what my first boyfriend did to my .... ahem ... "heart:" it takes it to a whole other level. Combine the two spots for the ultimate Tel Aviv hummus experience:

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